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Basit Çözümler Karmaşık Süreçler Gerektirir.

Uzmanlardan oluşan ekibimiz, analistlerden ve içerik yazarlarından grafik tasarımcılara ve yapımcılara kadar uzanmaktadır. Başarılı bir sonuç sağlamak için ihtiyacımız olan tüm kaynaklar.


Strategic Solution

M Center is a division focused on data marketing strategy with an aim to enhance performance. From collecting and analyzing real-time digital data, we draw strategy and insights, execute them through automated marketing platforms, and consistently measure consumer responses. Based on measured performance, we restructure our strategies and insights in order to increase efficiency for our clients.


Based on our data & tech expertise, and comprehensive understanding in campaigns and media, M Center analyzes disparate data and provides a strategy to manage the overall marketing performance. We help increase website visitation rate among audiences who were exposed to ads through connected analysis of media and dotcom data, entice customers' revisitation by linking this data with CRM, and ultimately offer an integrated marketing strategy that induces online purchasing.


Creative Solution

If it’s not new, it’s not creative. In Maria Creative, creativity is not just creativity that is original and eye-catching, but the solution to solve client's problems that have become more complex and diverse.



Media Solution

The greater the purchasing power, the more you can negotiate with individual media. Maria Creative has overwhelming media purchasing power in all media such as broadcasting, printing, outdoors, and online so that clients can carry out campaigns at the desired time and media.

Based on the knowledge of knowing the characteristics and effects of all mediums, from traditional media to new media, Maria Creative realizes synergy between media. It is new creativity that utilizes the characteristics of media to provide the most effective touchpoint between the brands and consumers.


Digital Solution

Mastery of creativity requires the constant adoption of new technology. Our technology experts use their state-of-the-art knowledge to resolve client issues effectively across ATL, BTL, interactive media, and more.

Our social media center maximizes the impact of popular social channels. Our rich media platform delivers compelling creative content by tapping into the full functional and emotional features of mobile media.


Experiential Solution

With our deep understanding of consumer purchase behavior, and consumer data amassed through our experience in both European and global markets, we present a range of brand-appropriate experiential marketing solutions. This includes events, exhibitions, sports, and retail marketing. We offer solutions on a whole other level, from organizing the world's most anticipated launching events where the latest products are revealed, to operating monumental events to raise the national prestige, or managing booths at international trade shows, and carrying out Olympic Games sponsorships and sports marketing.

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